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          Baby Clothing

          • Supply Type: baby clothing
          • Material : 100% Cotton
          • Fabric Type: cotton
          • Age: other
          • Gender: 0-3 age
          • Set Type: 2pcs
          • Type: embroidery,cartoon
          • Season: autumn ,winter
          • Feature: Windproof
          • Brand Name: YT
          Free Member
          • Supply Type: clothing for children
          • Material : othercoral velvet
          • Age: other1 to 4 years
          • Gender: boys and girls
          • Set Type: 2pcs
          • Season: winter
          • Feature: Windproof
          • Brand Name: angle baby clothing
          Angel Baby Clothing Company
          Free Member
          • Supply Type: Manufacturing
          • Material : 100% Cotton
          • Fabric Type: Jersey
          • Age: other0-24 months
          • Gender: Unisex
          • Set Type: 2pcs
          • Season: Spring, Autumn
          • Feature: Windproof
          • Brand Name: GG. Baby
          Anyang Xinge Trade Co., Ltd
          Free Member

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          Baby Clothing is mostly available for the baby shops all over the world. The baby clothing is specially made according to the genders of both in their specific colors. The clothing for baby girls are designed and made by using famine colors and to make the babies look unique while wearing those dresses. Similarly, the baby boys clothing is designed to meet the requirement of boys who look also great by wearing them. Such clothes are printed with cartoon characters, flowers, and various such attractive printings to make babies look great.